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Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT)

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Learn how to control your diabetes to prevent serious health complications

  • Yearlong program to help adults manage Type 1, Type 2 or gestational diabetes
  • Evidence-based curriculum
  • Led by trained lifestyle coaches
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Medication adherence education and coaching
  • In-person or online sessions

Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) can help you:

  • Lower A1C
  • Improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Better manage medications
  • Decrease severe diabetes-related complications
  • Increase healthier lifestyle behaviors such as better nutrition and increased physicial activity
  • Learn healthy coping skills

A doctor’s order is required to participate. We can help you get the necessary referral to enroll.

Choose where you’d like to go — locations are available from both health systems

Johns Hopkins Medicine and University of Maryland Medical Center are working together to help prevent and manage diabetes in Maryland.

This partnership of two world-class health care organizations is working to create a healthier Maryland. Programs to prevent and manage diabetes offer help from trusted experts to promote healthier lifestyles.

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